The Marrying Priests - Valid, warm, and relevant Catholic ceremonies, anywhere!
About Us
My name is Matthew and I would be honored to help you celebrate your love, and to bless your wedding. 
I have been in active ministry for over eighteen years offering contemporary spiritual support for many who have become "lapsed" from organized churches. 
I was ordained originally as an all-faiths minister in April 2000 and began celebrating couples nuptials, from that very beginning. 
In 2006 I was ordained into a progressive Old Catholic diocese as a priest, and currently work as an emergency service chaplain, catering to police, fire and EMS services, and pastor of a small community in New Hampshire. 
In my time in ministry I have helped over 600 couples unite in holy matrimony, and feel renewed with every couple I meet. 
It is my sincere belief that God means for His blessings to be shared  with all and that no walls can contain those blessings.  I therefore work everyday to help couples that have lost touch with the organized Church, find a meaningful, spirit-filled voice to bless and celebrate their love. 
Those of great faith, some faith or no faith at all, find my "all hands on" approach to creating wedding ceremonies, thoughtful, refreshing, and fun. 
Together, you, your beloved and I will use Northeast Nuptials' very special and unique Ceremony Creation Process to create your very own, one-of-a-kind Catholic Wedding Ceremony.
Not only am I allowed to head out joyfully and help couples celebrate their Valid Catholic Wedding Ceremony outdoors; not only do I love marrying people, but I too am allowed to be married!  
Making us truly and 100%,The Marrying Priests!
Catholic Wedding by the Marrying Priest on a lake side, not by a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace
Fr. Matthew at a Country Club performing a valid Catholic Wedding Certemony.  A catholic wedding ceremony outdoors or anywhere!
The Marrying Priest performing a Catholic Wedding on a hillside, outside in MAssachusetts. Not by a MA JPThe Marrying Priest performing a Catholic Wedding outside a beatiful home in Greater Boston.  Not by a NH JP
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