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The Marrying Priest

Offering committed couples beautiful, contemporary, and award winning Catholic wedding ceremonies in non-traditional venues all over New England.

  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony outdoors.
  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony for those previously divorced.
  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony at the location of your choice.
  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony for couples that aren't active in a parish, currently.
  • A wedding blessed by the Catholic Church between an interfaith couple.

We believe that all people deserve a marriage ceremony which is focused on celebrating the LOVE shared by the couple. We are "non-pushy" Christian ministers who believe that God loves everybody equally - no matter their religion or denomination, and that whether active or not, all should have God's blessing of their commitment.

Don't leave your ceremony to just anybody. Something as special as your love deserves better than a New Hampshire or Massachusetts Justice of the Peace with a dull, old, over-done wedding ceremony.

The ceremony is what your wedding day is centered around. It's the words that describe your love for one another and proclaim that love to the world! Don't let someone else put those words in your mouth, create your own ceremony with our help. 

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